Modern Nature Kitchen Wooden Design – Vao by Team7

vao kitchen by team7

Team 7 kitchens’ first class designs are characterized by simplicity, modernity, usage of precious natural wood, and craftsmanship. Because simple always means beautiful, Team 7 designs are not just modern, but equally beautiful and comfortable. The usage of natural wood makes the kitchen classy and precious. Oak kitchens bring the natural and delightful atmosphere to your home. Whereas walnut kitchens satisfy all tastes and match with any decoration style. In this collection, handles were not used in most of the designs so the natural look won’t be corrupted. Accessories were not frequently used in this collection, except for some beautiful, modern lamps. Simple walls and floors were used. In the oak kitchen, you can see calm rose & white walls with black floors, while in the walnut kitchen, you’ll find black walls with white floors. The oak kitchen is a kitchen and a small living room combined, and the design contains a plasma TV, and a comfortable seat just beside the kitchen units.

vao kitchen by team7 in oak 0

vao kitchen by team7 in oak 1

vao kitchen by team7 in walnut 0

vao kitchen by team7 in walnut 1

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