Modern Mosaic Ceramic Tiles – Cupido by Fap Ceramiche

Mosaic Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles are becoming nowadays more & more fashionable and used a lot in modern style. Cupido is a new mosaic collection from Fap Ceramiche that presented itself as “Jewels for your walls”. The collection consists of some wild ceramic tile designs which can add an extravagant look to your bathroom. It is very unique by its original designs such as the mosaic hearts, and also by its daring colors like strong red with pearl and black. Through those vibrant designs, you will be able to express your own unique style in the decoration of your bathroom. The collection contains also some different designs of mosaic in softer and warmer versions. This is a collection of designs that not everybody can apply, but only those who have a wild imagination and like to add some creativity and extravagancy to their bathrooms.

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