Modern Minimalist Bathroom Designs

Minimalist Bathroom Designs

Shape & Scoop are two new collections that came as a result of the collaboration between Flaper, the big Italian manufacturer of bathroom furniture, and the young creative designer Michael Schmidt who created before some successful designs such as code.2. Shape and Scoop are characterized by minimalist designs, usage of high-technology and delicate looks. Shape collection includes elegant and luxurious bathroom furniture made of wood and cristalplant. It is available in many different colors that include matt white, wood and glossy lacquered finishes. It is also designed with the push-to-open system so it’s available with handle-free doors. All drawers are completely removable. Mirrors contain sensor-operating lighting systems. The Scoop bathtub design is combining between a classic bathtub shape and modern look with a sculpture design. It makes you feel that it is rising from the wall and matches perfectly with its surroundings.

scoop 1

scoop 2

scoop 3

scoop modern bathroom

shape 1

shape 2

shape 3

shape 4

shape 5

shape minimalist bathroom

shape minimalist bathroom

shape modern bathroom

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