Modern Living Trends for Large Spaces

Everyone wants to have the best home ever, since it’s our own private place where we want to relax away from everybody else and away from the crowds. Having a large space in your home is something that we can all envy you for. Most living apartments nowadays are so limited in space and need some practical ideas to be furnished right, but with large spaces the deal becomes so much easier, creative, and luxurious. If have a big space that you want to furnish right or if you are about to make some huge changes in your living space, then these living trends are sure to inspire you. The first important thing to consider when furnishing your house is to make it comfortable and lively as much as possible, and these ideas definitely ensure you these two aspects. Having a big space never means filling the space with much furniture as long as the space takes, on the contrary, it means leaving big free spaces so that you could feel free moving and to give you that relaxing effect.

You’ll notice in these pictures that bright colors are dominating such as white, cream, and beige. The use of these colors for the walls and some of the furniture gives you a spacious effect and enlightens the overall look of the room. Modern designing was used in furnishing these areas giving them a simpler look away from the many details of the classic style. If you want something simple yet chic, you can go for a relaxing L-shaped sofa in white color that comes with a white low table; leather gives this sofa a luxurious style that is also comfortable and neat, and some pillows complete the perfect look and can have several usages as well. If you have a wider space, you can use two L-shaped sofas sharing the same centre table that can also be made of wood for a color contrast, and then you can use other side tables at the edges of every sofa to keep your stuff. In addition, if want to have a smooth timeless contrast, go for white walls and a black living room. Black sofas look so chic and are not easy to get dirty which is a great add, you can also combine white and black sofas in the same area for a great decorative effect.

Try to manage your furniture to be placed with right distances away from each other, like adding the living room in the centre of a big space in front of an LCD, while having a dining table beside it in another edge of the room so that you can have all the necessary sets while keeping a good space between them to prevent having a crowded area. If you choose plain colors like white and black for the walls and sofas, then go for a colored wall to give the whole look an edgy effect like this orange wall behind the TV area. Having large spaces always call for creativity and opting for nontraditional design ideas as long as the space and overall ambiance allows. For a great relaxation at your own home, make your courtyard the best that it would feel like your own spa by installing a tub and making for it a private area, like this circular tub surrounded by wood that can be filled with hot or cold water for the best relaxing time. Also add a simple modern table set that can be separated from the tub with a glass enclosure which looks amazing.

Moreover, store all your favorite books in a splendid library that takes the height of the whole house which gives a very unique touch and keeps all your books at hand in an organized, neat way that adds to the decorative look of the house as well. You can always complete the look with matching rugs, curtains, vases, wall clocks, bending lamps, and plants or whatever you feel that the area needs but remember to keep it simple, in matching colors, and with a decorative touch. Finally concerning the ladders, go for black or white ladders to keep on the simple modern contrasting style. Know that when it comes to large spaces, creativity is open, and the living trends offered are many, so feel free to match one or more of the offered ideas in the same place if you feel like it, just keep on the decorative and simple side.

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