Modern Living Room Sofa with Side Tables

trio sofa 12

This is a very practical & functional design presented by the young talented interior designer Julia Hamid. This sofa is not only combining between comfort and functionality, but it is also stylish and elegant. The sofa is designed with a side table that allows you to place on it your laptop to work in a comfortable position, or your small snack that you love to enjoy it while watching TV. The side table is very adjustable and flexible. When you need it, just pull it with your finger along the side edge. When it’s not in use it can be returned to its original position and be hidden. Not only this, you can also adjust a side table between the two back cushions for the same usage but while you are laying your body on the comfortable sofa. The sofa can include many adjustable side tables at the same time, two on sides and one at the back between cushions. The sofa has a modern & stylish design and beautiful colors so it can match perfectly with your living room.

trio sofa 1

trio sofa 2

trio sofa 3

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