Modern LED Wallpapers


Wall treatments have seen a huge development the last 10 years; now you have a lot of modern covering ideas for your walls like stones, vinyl, imitation stones, wallpapers, painting and many others. Besides the wall treatment, there is equally a big development in the world of interior lighting; it became a very important element in the interior decoration especially after the invention of the LED light. Now, we want to show you the latest trend in interior decoration that combines both wall treatment and LED lighting: it’s the new LED wallpaper! Maybe you’re hearing this term for the first time, that’s not weird because it’s a very recent invention that would create a revolution in the field of wall treatments. This new invention presented by Architects-Paper is a kind of wallpaper with integrated LED lights having different shapes & pattern in many colors, so once you turn it on, those shapes diffuse colorful lights decorating your wall and illuminating the space at the same time. This innovative wallpaper is designed to create a very stylish & unique look to any modern interior. This wallpaper is available by panels, each panel is sized 320×60 cm so it gives you the option to whether cover the entire wall or just a part of it; it’s up to you.

Cool LEDWallpaper with Computer Chips Pattern 1

Cool LEDWallpaper with Computer Chips Pattern 2

Cool LEDWallpaper with Computer Chips Pattern 3

Cool LEDWallpaper with Computer Chips Pattern 4

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