Modern Laundry Room Designs For Large Spaces

big laundry room

In the laundry room, the most important thing you must consider is to make it practical and functional. A laundry room must contain in the first place the necessary appliances like a washing machine and dryer; it must be also equipped with a sink, an iron and a place for ironing. The second important thing is to add cabinets and storage units as much as you can. It’s all about space of course; if you have a big space then you have no problems, you can have all necessary appliances. If you have a small space you must benefit from it smartly using the cabinets and storage units that don’t take big space and could accommodate all necessary stuff at the same time. If your space allows, you can make this room a place not just for laundry but also for entertaining. You can put a TV or a computer for example so you don’t feel bored while waiting for your laundry, in this case you will need a sofa or a comfortable chair and maybe a small coffee table. The decorating style is a subject of your taste; wooden cabinets with black tops look very elegant, white cabinets look beautiful as well.

big laundry room 1

big laundry room 2

big laundry room 3

big laundry room 4

big laundry room 5

big laundry room 6

big laundry room 7

big laundry room 8

big laundry room 9

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