Modern Large Bathroom Mirror With Glass Sink by Hoesch

Big Bathroom Mirror

If you are looking for innovative bathroom products, take a look at this creative, beautiful and practical mirror construction presented by Hoesch, the famous German company that is always known by its ability to create very unique and functional bathroom products. This mirror can be considered as a wall because of its great height. It contains an integrated glass sink with a mixer tap and an integrated invisible cabinet which offers a good space for storage. This design is very distinguished not only for its elegant look but also for some Hoesch creative options such as a built-in lighting that changes the water color according to its temperature. Another advantage of this mirror’s construction is its ability to fit in any bathroom space or design. This is a very delicate design that would add a luxury look to your bathroom. Another luxurious product from Hoesch is this Water Lounge Body Care. It is a very stylish water lounge which allows you to enjoy bathing in a relaxing atmosphere that will make you feel like if you were in a spa not in your bathroom. It is composed of a comfortable lounge inside a transparent glass cube, so you can lay your body on this lounge and enjoy both warm water and delicate air massage at the same time. What can be more delightful, refreshing and luxurious?!

Big Bathroom Mirror with integrated glass sink Water Lounge Body Care by Hoesch 1Big Bathroom Mirror with integrated glass sink Water Lounge Body Care by Hoesch 2

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