Modern Kitchen Islands for Large Kitchens

In the spacious kitchens, the trend is to the central island. A helpful storage unit located in the heart of the kitchen comes in many forms. It represents storage and a work surface for some people, or a combination of sink area and electric hobs for others. In all cases, even if you want to use it just as a breakfast table, it’s a practical & decorative piece in the contemporary kitchen; if you are lucky to have a wide space in yours and like to add this useful unit, you may be inspired by those fabulous designs in the pictures below. What if the central island became also a dining area? With one side reserved for drawers to store utensils and crockery, and the rest of it is a work surface that we can get some chairs, sit and eat like American bars! In addition to the storage space, the central island can accommodate a sink center; an ideal choice for an easy movement between the oven, refrigerator and dishes. For this type of islands, the pipe of the sink must be installed before its implementation. Not only the sink, the kitchen island can be equipped with a stove as well. Why not? Since we may want to combine all the major work of the kitchen in this central space and leave the rest of the kitchen worktops for food preparation for example. But to tell the truth, the easiest kitchen island to be installed is the simple one used as storage & work surface only, because this one doesn’t require any special implementations. If your space allows, you can add to this functional unit in your kitchen a removable folding table that you use as a dining area and when not in use you simply fold it to not occupy much space.

Modern Kitchen Islands 1

Modern Kitchen Islands 2

Modern Kitchen Islands 3

Modern Kitchen Islands 4

Modern Kitchen Islands 5

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