Modern Kitchen Design with Round Cabinets

ola20 by snaidero

The latest kitchen design presented by Snaidero in collaboration with Pininfarina design studio “Ola 20” is another new design reflecting the futuristic style. Using the latest technology for the coating of the automotive industry, Snaidero is investing the big success of Ola kitchen which was already created 20 years ago by presenting a new contemporary version. The designer is trying to bring an elegant and aesthetic feeling to his modern & futuristic kitchen by using smooth rounded lines for corners, a table extension of the countertop with a sculptural base supporting the table extension. Kitchen surfaces are all painted by mica powder which gives a more reflective, clean & bright look.

Futuristic Kitchen Design with Round Corners 1Futuristic Kitchen Design with Round Corners 2Futuristic Kitchen Design with Round Corners 3Futuristic Kitchen Design with Round Corners 4

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