Modern Kitchen Designs Inspirated By Red High Gloss

patrizia by futura cucine

In kitchen designs, red is one of the most trendy colors; it matches very well with the modern style and brings an attractive fashionable look. Red can beautifully be combined with many other colors such as black, white, off-white, grey and stainless steel. In the pictures below, we see two beautiful examples for the usage of red in the kitchen: in the first one, the designer used the glossy burgundy in most of the kitchen cabinets which are made of screen-printed glass and combined it with few glossy off-white wall cabinets which add a very attractive look and a pretty contrast excellently done, there are also some stainless steel elements (handles, built-in oven, sink & faucet) adding a beautiful look and matching with the kitchen’s minimalist style. The other model is so stylish and fashionable; it is composed of minimalist cabinets made of aluminum in simple square shapes. Wall cabinets are transparent with stainless steel frames while cabinets on the floor are in awesome glossy red lacquer with stainless steel handles, countertop and built-in oven, the stainless steel hood on top of the oven is completing the stylish look of the kitchen. This design is an example of the beauty of the modern decorating style which depends on simplicity in shapes and playing with colors in order to come with such a magnificent design that satisfies any modern housewife looking for practical usage and stylish look.

Kitchen Design Inspiration 1

Kitchen Design Inspiration 2

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