Modern Kitchen Cabinets – Futura Collection by Moretuzzo

Futura Kitchen Cabinets

Futura collection by Moretuzzo is offering Original designs that will make any housewife not only appreciate it but could fall in love with it. The salable company Moretuzzo is presenting a collection of modern, elegant and stylish kitchens that will bring to your home a delightful and shiny look in a luxury style. The collection is characterized by the using of metal components which is the dominant feature of the modern style. Other materials were also used such as aluminium & glass. It is also characterized by the glossy laminate, the sharp lines and the stainless sinks. A special feature of Futura collection is the kitchen’s doors which are edge trim in brushed aluminum to suit the original look. The horizontal surfaces with wenge finishing are making a beautiful contrast with trim aluminum laminate. The thickness of laminate varies according to his type; gloss laminate is 1.5 mm thick while matte laminate is 0.9 mm thick. Another advantage of this collection is that you can have the kitchen in any size you want, so you can enjoy the same stylish design in a smaller kitchen. The collection also included some modern luminescent lamps to complete the amazing original look.

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