Modern Kids’ Bedroom Layouts

Your teenager wants his bedroom to be modern & stylish and you want it to be also practical and well furnished. To satisfy both of you; Linear presents different designs combining between practicality, comfort and modernity. Black & white is the favorite color contrasts for most modern style fans, a teen bedroom also would look so trendy and fashionable in black & white which can be used in either boys or girls’ rooms. Other color combinations are equally stylish and contemporary such as red & white, purple, orange & grey… there are also some colors that never become old fashion like pink for girls and dark blue for boys. The most important 3 pieces of furniture in a teen’s room are the bed, the wardrobe and the study desk. Choose a comfortable bed that doesn’t take so much space, a practical wardrobe that’s large and deep enough to accommodate all clothes, and a nice study desk with a comfortable chair to make studying time easy and comfortable. Other elements can be added in order to decorate the room and offer more practical usage at the same time like modern shelves hanged on the wall which don’t take but a small space on it and can accommodate all books, CDs…etc. you can install shelves along a whole wall if the space allows. To save space you can benefit from a corner to put a corner desk, also you can use the space on top of the bed to create a large closet or storage cabinets.

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