Modern Hallway Design Ideas

hallway design ideas

The hallway is the place that we usually forget while decorating the home, but we must remember that it’s the first view that guests see before entering rooms, so it must be beautiful to leave a good first impression. The space of the hallway is usually small, but this is not a problem because we don’t need to put a lot of furniture. In fact, even if you got a big space in your hallway, it’s not preferred to fill it with furniture; it has to be decorated as simple as possible. In the pictures below, we give you many examples for beautiful hallway designs to inspire you. A small table and a mirror or a tableau is always the first choice; its style must follow the home decorating style whether it’s modern or classic, don’t decorate the hallway in a totally different style than the rest of the house to not distract attention. If you want to benefit more from this space, you can put a practical table that contains some shelves or drawers for storage and looks stylish and chic at the same time; on top of the table you can put beautiful décor, flowers, photo frames…etc. Another way to decorate this space is to put one or two nice chairs with or without a small table; this style looks very delicate and elegant, and it adds more seats in your interior so if you ever need additional seats you can use those ones.

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