Modern Guest House Plans

container guest house

This is a brilliant idea and a very original & creative design for a guest house in the garden; it’s innovative, very good looking, practical and comfortable. The designer used for the structure of this guest house an empty container! The space of the container is of course good enough to be transformed into a guest house; it’s 8 by 40 feet. The designer created a small bathroom at the back of the house containing a toilet and a shower, the washbasin is installed outside the bathroom. The rest of the space is very beautifully furnished; it contains a stylish blue sofa which can be used as a comfortable bed as well, with a small table and a very cool black chair, on the other wall there is the washbasin and a mirror. The whole inside is decorated by wooden walls which bring a gorgeous natural ambiance, with floor-to-ceiling glass doors looking amazing. The container itself is painted in dark blue looking fabulous in contrasting with the wooden walls and floors. Outside, there are two garden chairs in a beautiful orange color. This awesome garden guest house is equipped with a heating system as well as an air conditioning and lighting system.

container guest house 01

container guest house 02

container guest house 03container guest house 04

container guest house 05

container guest house 06

container guest house 07

container guest house 08

container guest house 09

container guest house 10

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