Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

dining room designs

The dining room is an important place in the house because it’s where we share food and good time with our family & friends; we spend in it a lot of time daily eating and discussing, so it has to be comfortable and beautifully decorated to make us enjoy our food time. Here, we present you 13 different ideas for modern & cool dining rooms. As we see in all pictures, table and chairs must be comfortable and well positioned. The table size and logically the number of chairs depends on your lifestyle and whether you have a big family and a lot of friends who come usually to eat with you or not. In the pictures below, most of the tables have a contemporary rectangular shape except for two round ones for small spaces. Rectangular dining tables match very well with the minimalist style which depends on geometric forms. Colors are subject to your desire; wooden dining tables are very fashionable and add a beautiful sense of nature to the place, black & white is so trendy and perfectly match with any modern interior. The first design is an example of the simplicity of the modern style; a beautiful rectangular white table with triangle legs and simple brown chairs are making a chic combination and look so contemporary and stylish.

dining room designs 01

dining room designs 02

dining room designs 03

dining room designs 04

dining room designs 05

dining room designs 06

dining room designs 07

dining room designs 08dining room designs 09

dining room designs 10

dining room designs 11

dining room designs 12

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