Modern Compact Bathroom Solution For Small Apartment

Subaco by Spiritual Mode, the Japanese company, is another collection offering smart ideas for small apartments through this collection of functional and compact bathroom designs. Subaco collection, which was presented as “the best solution for a small apartment”, depends on some creative ideas that allow you to get the maximum utility of your small bathroom space. The collection includes elegant bathroom products such as toilets, tubs, sinks and laundry machines that can be combined all in a small place because of their compact sizes. The smart design is the key that combines all those elements in a comfortable way that prevents you from feeling stuck between the bathroom units, in fact you may even feel that you have some free spaces. A new feature also distinguishing this collection; a small kitchen in the area of 2m × 2m is added to the bathroom. This assures that smart designs can perfectly benefit from any space and get even more practical usage. All Subaco designs are characterized by simplicity, elegancy and comfort. They are available in many colors and materials.

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