Modern Ceiling-Mounted Bathroom Faucet by Singnorini

Bathroom Faucet

If you want to add a unique and very distinctive look to your bathroom, Singnorini could help you; it’s an Italian company known by its modern and unusual bathroom faucets that can add a contemporary & stylish atmosphere to your bathroom. Among their products, we present you this original mixer from Singnorini presented in Bilò collection. It’s a new faucet model having an unusual shape and design; instead of being installed in the sink, it is installed on the ceiling and comes down like a long tube on top of the washbasin. The faucet is made of high quality materials and gives a luxurious look but it can’t match with all kinds of washbasins because of its unusual design; it was presented with a beautiful one having an attractive cylindrical shape in glossy white.

New ceiling mounted faucet Bilo by Singnorini 1

New ceiling mounted faucet Bilo by Singnorini 2

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