Modern Boys’ Room Designs With Beds Inspired By Cars

boys room designs

If you are about to furnish a bedroom for your little boy, try to create in it his favorite theme so he’d love to spend time in it not just for sleeping and studying but also playing and having fun. The car theme is one of the most popular and favorite themes for boys; they like cars so much and know very well the different models and shapes, so why don’t you create his favorite car model in his own room? He will surely adore it. The most important element in this room will be the bed, and it’s the bed that is going to have the car shape. In fact, it’s not hard at all to apply a car shaped bed because it actually consists of a regular bed with two sides having the form of car sides, when they stick on the sides of the bed it’s so easy to apply the front of the car on the front side of the bed; and you simply get a car bed. If you got the car bed, it’s easy now to decorate the rest of the room using the same theme; you can use car wallpapers and stickers to decorate the wardrobe, the desk and the walls. Add some accessories like small carpets and curtains matching with this cool car theme. There is a lot of car shapes that you can apply for your son according to his desire; trucks, batman car, sportive car, race car…etc.

boys room designs 01

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