Modern Book Shelving Systems By Performa

Book Shelving Systems

Wink is a shelf system presented by Performa depending on simplicity and functionality. The main idea is its extraordinary length which provides a big space for arranging books and even other decorating objects. The integrated bookends are not just adding a beautiful look but are also practical for the books’ arrangement. What makes this design creative is that you can use Wink shelves as many as you want and play by them on the wall to come with your own design that suits your needs and desires. If you got an artistic sense you can make very distinguishable structures on your wall using some of those good looking shelves. Whether you put just one or even combine ten of those shelves, they would look very attractive in any modern interior.The Wink is very easy to assemble and install, it is also flexible with an ability to be shifted 60 cm to the side. It is available in a variety of colors such as oak, walnut, gray, orange, also white and black and many other attractive colors.

simple shelf system 0simple shelf system 1simple shelf system 3simple shelf system 4simple shelf system 5simple shelf system 6

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