Modern Book Shelf System

transformable shelf system

Christian Kim is a young German talented designer, he created an innovative shelf system based on the idea of balancing it in a modern attractive design. The designer wanted to add to the regular horizontal bookshelf the concept of movement, so he added a balance using a metal system that allows to change the shelf from the horizontal position to a diagonal one creating a new stylish and original look. The bookshelf is actually composed of 3 square boxes which are connected by a metal system and allow to balance the entire shelf system. With the margins added up and down you can control the look, just push it and it will easily change its position from the horizontal to the diagonal and vice versa. The cubic shape of the bookshelves looks very stylish and up-to-date; it would match very well in any modern interior and can add to it a unique touch that’s not just beautiful but also very practical.

transformable shelf system 1transformable shelf system 2transformable shelf system 3transformable shelf system 4

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