Modern Black and White Bookshelves from B-Line

cool original bookshelves

Innovation doesn’t mean complication; by the simplest things you can create an original design. B-Line, the Italian manufacturer of modern furniture, is known by its innovative and cool designs, this time it is presenting a contemporary design for a bookshelf that can perfectly match with any modern interior. The original bookshelf called “Fin” is made of steel, painted in black & white and having the shape of a half of the letter “X”, very simple, very stylish. Simply suspend it on the wall and you get a practical bookshelf with three stands for books which won’t take a lot of space. You can add shelves as much as you want according to your needs, if you accommodate many ones on a wall it will also look very cool. The open design of Fin bookshelf allows an easy observation for books. It is very suitable for modern interiors with its simple shape, its black & white theme and its practical use.

cool original bookshelves 1cool original bookshelves 2cool original bookshelves 3cool original bookshelves 4

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