Modern Black And White Bathroom Wash Basins by Regia

Black and White Wash Basine1

Milos is a new amazing collection presented by the Italian company Regia, in which they create a new look for the modern bathroom; original, artistic and stylish. The collection presents attractive washbasins in an innovative style; the innovation in those washbasins comes through their freestanding design which is composed of two parts: tank and pedestal. The pedestal is taking a beautiful sculpted shape while the tank is having a minimalist round shape; for more originality, Regia presents those parts separately, so you can choose freely and customize your washbasin according to your desire. Milos washbasins are made of high quality techno glass which is a practical material in bathrooms, it also has another functional side which is the ability to hide all tubing inside of the pedestal to not ruin the whole look. Milos freestanding washbasins are available in different looks, and since they are sold in two pieces separately, you can mix and match as you want to create the style you like; glossy black pedestal with a white tank decorated with black ornaments looks really distinctive and unique, also the pure white tank with the black & white pedestal is so stylish.

Black and White Pedestal Wash Basin Milos by Regia 1

Black and White Pedestal Wash Basin Milos by Regia 2

Black and White Pedestal Wash Basin Milos by Regia 3

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