Modern Black and White Bathroom Vanity from Kerasan

Black and White Bathroom

Aqua Libre is a nice collection of bathroom modular furniture from Kerasan, in which they presented some interesting washbasins characterized by their functionality and contemporary style. Those washbasins are very practical because each one of them can be easily integrated with functional bathroom systems like drawers or shelves’ system which offers a big space for storage without taking much space. Their contemporary look is coming through the usage of the minimalist style; washbasins are designed in a simple square shape with a curved front edge, and are available in two sizes: 40×40 or 60×60. Inka washbasins are available in different finishes including ceramic and glossy lacquered, but the most attractive is the glossy black & white finishes.

inka project ceramic washbasin

inka project double washbasin

inka project washbasin

inka project washbasin with wall module

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