Modern Bedroom Designs by Neopolis Interior Design Studio


Contemporary and modern design firm Neopolis understands the importance of combining character, functionality, and relaxation to create a pleasing bedroom design for homeowners, as demonstrated in these sensational interiors.


Using lilac and iced lavender together in a color palette introduces refinement into this bedroom. The delicacy of the stenciling on the walls and closet doors enhances the sense of calm. Recessed down-lights illuminate the modern shapes of the ceiling while adding a soft glow.


In this bedroom, cool blue hues invoke a tranquil attitude, to which is added the mellow spirit of the bed’s muted tones. The colors are brought together in the soft sheen of drapery against the textured wall, adding depth and dimension to give the illusion of unified, expanded space. The billowing, elongated headboard enhances the sense of repose.




From deep charcoal gray to steely silver, the sophisticated gray tones used in these bedrooms exactly suit the fluid timeless lines, crisp classical details, and modern geometric shapes of the décor, furnishing, and architectural detail. Though managed very differently in the three rooms, the lighting in each lends drama, as does the installation of the bed.



The neutral tones in both these spaces work winningly in varying degrees of warmth. Again, the statement headboards are focal points well chosen and well placed. Carefully selected cultural art provides the desired—very different—effect in each room: the stark mask above the modern headboard, the cleanly framed traditional watercolors calming the swirling modern wall décor.



Sleek lines are common in both these spaces, exhibiting the modern design aesthetic of the Neopolis team. Natural colors in deep hues are present in both rooms, too. In one room, however, the whimsical light fixture and wall treatment over the bed are more amusing, whereas the organic colors used in the other room are more grounded.



Berry tones are often invigorating in a bedroom. Here, the raspberry wall is itself exhilarating and dramatic, whereas the uniform mulberry in the other room allows for more dramatic effects from the lighting.


Boldness of personality is required to be comfortable with an animal print theme. The burst of otherwise neutral tones against the deep ebony is majestic, and the faux textured wall treatment (a Neopolis signature) behind the massive headboard plays nicely with the patterns and natural textures of the room.



Vanilla meets butterscotch in these delicious boudoirs, and the effect is sweet. The contemporary art pieces showcased above the bed in the lighter toned design are complemented by the light fixture. The faux stone texture of the focal wall in the warmer design is highlighted by the use of gilded paint.


Employing the purity of a stark white room is just as bold as the earlier business of animal print, and explosions of complementary hues add excitement. Ultramodern décor and fixtures intensify the design’s refinement.


The playful simplicity in this space is underscored by the faux textures and elaborate light fixture. The clean and lucid layout adds light and space.





These four luxurious rooms evoke fine wines and thoroughbred horses. Sensual materials and creamy textures combine with premium accessories and baronial colors to create opulence.


Monochrome hues are applied to this mod space with accent color to lend individuality. The futuristic results are characteristic of Neopolis’s high-tech look. The “Star Trek meets country” theme is perfect for the juxtaposition of futuristic interior lines and shapes against the exterior redwood deck and forest.

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