Modern Bathtubs in Wooden Finish by Lacava

Bathtubs in Wooden Finish

If you want to add a luxury look to your bathroom and keep it modern and fashionable, then check those bathtubs in wooden finish presented by Lacava. They are stylish, elegant and luxurious. Lavaca presents a collection of amazing bathtubs in both rectangular and oval shapes. And because wooden finishes will remain forever up-to-date and a sign of elegance, Lacava used it with glossy white lacquered tubs and the result came very attractive and prestigious. The rectangular shape is very original with its large marble edges, and with those practical shelves the bathtub is not only very good looking but also functional. Another rectangular shape is also available, this time with an oval tube integrated in a rectangular stone countertop also with a wooden skirt and useful shelves. The oval shape looks very stylish with an elegant simplicity which is the key for a modern luxury style. Bathtubs are made of Lucite acrylic and have a water capacity of 58 gal. They are also available in a variety of sizes to fit in different spaces. Even faucets are very beautiful and stylish, with polished chrome finishes and modern designs; they are matching with the luxurious look of the bathtubs.

Luxury bathtubs in wooden finish by Lacava 2Luxury bathtubs in wooden finish by Lacava 3

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