Modern Bathroom Washbasins by Karol

Modern Washbasins

The ultra-modern style always depends on unusual shapes and very minimalist designs; it exceeds the modern style to create even a more contemporary atmosphere in the place. This decorating style has definitely a lot fans around the world, that’s why the Italian company Karol presented this washbasins’ collection called Kalla which is inspired by the form of the Panton Chair. This collection is based on the same idea which is the integration of the washbasin in the wall mirror in an elegant way. There are many designs for washbasins in this collection all having the same ultra-modern look; they are available in oval, round and square shapes with curved edges similar to the Panton chair ones. They come in different attractive colors suitable for the ultra-modern style like glossy black and red. Kalla washbasins are also available with storage cabinets in same colors as well as beautiful lamps decorating the mirrors. As we see, the mirrors and faucets are having very simple and minimalist designs in sharp rectangular shapes without details which match with the ultra-modern look of the bathroom.

simple modern lavatories 1

simple modern lavatories 2

simple modern lavatories 3

simple modern lavatories 4

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