Modern Bathroom Taps from Fima

Modern Bathroom Taps

Taps are so important in any bathroom and its shape gives your bathroom a different style, today with Bio Shock taps you will find elegant designs accompanied by high quality materials where the main feature of Bio Shock’s tap is in its base. First of all it is carefully hand-glazed with a color pigment making each tap unique and better adaptable to the bathroom’s color theme. Rotating of the top part of the base is responsible for temperature and water flow adjusting. The body of the taps is made of 1 mm thick silver plate which wonderfully reflects light and enhances the surface. Bio Shock’s line offers a great variety of hues and shapes so it could match with any bathroom interior. It’s a new idea with nice colors.

colored aesthetic bathroom taps by fima 1colored aesthetic bathroom taps by fima 2colored aesthetic bathroom taps by fima 3colored aesthetic bathroom taps by fima 4

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