Modern Bathroom Sinks by Roca

New Decorative Bathroom Sinks

If you want to add a beautiful artistic touch to your bathroom, you would like this collection from the famous Spanish company Roca. The collection is called -Urban- and it includes some pretty sinks and washbasins decorated by printings for nice views of some of the most beautiful cities around the world like Barcelona, New York, Berlin, Shanghai…etc. What really distinguishes this design is the combination between this beautiful artistic sense and the modern style used in the bathroom; sinks are having a stylish square design in glossy white contrasting with the black printings and the grey countertop on which the sinks are installed. Those sinks were presented with Roca faucets which look very elegant as well and match with the whole modern & stylish look of the bathroom.

New Decorative Bathroom Sinks Urban by Roca 1

New Decorative Bathroom Sinks Urban by Roca 2

New Decorative Bathroom Sinks Urban by Roca 3

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