Modern Bath Designs With Creative Themes

Creative Bath

The Ukraine designer Andrey Bondarenko launched his new project which consists of some creative bath themes. The concept of this project is that a simple touch is able to change the whole look. To prove his theory, Andrey Bondarenko took one bath model and changed its look completely many times by coloring it in different themes. In fact, he could excellently prove his theory because the bath became very stylish and original in an artistic way by this simple tuning which doesn’t need a big budget. He gave it once an Arabic theme by some winding lines in black & gold colors, and then a bee theme by coloring it in thick black & yellow lines. He also presented other themes such as yellow cap, hi-tech and glam. All themes are very easy to apply and look so beautiful. The funny thing about this project is that the designer began it just for fun, but later it became serious.

Creative Bath Themes 1Creative Bath Themes 2Creative Bath Themes 3Creative Bath Themes 4Creative Bath Themes 5Creative Bath Themes 6

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