Missing Dog Found 57 Miles Away at the Most Unexpected Place

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Have you ever wondered whether dogs have memory? This story shows they do have a long memory. They can remember as far back as two years or maybe longer, who knows. Cleo is a four-year-old Labrador dog that lives with her family in Olathe, Kansas. A week ago, she was reported missing. Her owners posted the details on Facebook. Cleo walked for 57 miles and found her way back home. She didn’t end up in Kansas, though. She was found in Lawson, Missouri at the most unexpected place.

Image Credit: KMBC

Colton and Britney stepped out of their car and found a dog at their front door. They wondered where it came from. The dog was so scared and confused and wouldn’t let them come near her. After they checked the information on the chip, they realized that the cute Labrador belongs to the former owners of their house. Cleo found her way home. She just found the house where she used to live and not where she currently lives. What an unexpected and shocking surprise for the poor dog to find strangers instead of her family.

Image Credit: KMBC
Image Credit: KMBC

Fortunately, Colton and Britney contacted Cleo’s family. Colton commented jokingly: “Now that we know who she belongs to, if she pops up again, we know who to call.” I’m happy this story has a happy ending. Cleo has been reunited with her family. What a clever dog. After all, a 57-mile journey is no small feat. She must have crossed busy roads and probably also a river. The things she must have seen. This is probably a story for a movie. I bet it’s time Cleo learns how to find her way back home, her present-day home.

Image Credit: KMBC

Dogs are lovely and loyal creatures, and Cleo’s story says they are smarter than we could have ever thought possible. They know how to survive a 57-mile trip on their own. They would do whatever it takes to be united with their families. Well done, Cleo.

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