Missguided Diverse Mannequins With Stretch Marks, Vitiligo And Freckles!

Image Credit: Missguided

Missguided (a bold, forward thinking fashion brand) is breaking barriers as part of their #KEEPONBEINGYOU campaign.

The brand prides itself on having a mission to empower females globally, to be confident in themselves and be who they want to be.

Since that their aim is all about empowerment, they introduced new mannequins from different ethnicities at two of their UK locations featuring natural body features like stretch marks, freckles and vitiligo, as well as mannequins wearing the hijab.



Image Credit: Missguided

In the time and age of social media and everyone trying to portray an image of being flawless, Missguided made a pledge to stop retouching their models, because as they say on their blog, perfection does not exist.

The brand got some well deserved praise from various social media platforms, but at the same time, they got criticized for not making any changes to the sizes of their mannequins as a bigger step towards body positivity, diversity and a wider representation.

Missguided Mannequins Stretch Marks 2
Image Credit: Missguided

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