Mini-Madonna Lourdes Leon Mixes It Up with Hair Color in 2013

Mini Madonna Mixes It Up with Hair Color in 2013 01


Wild!!! This is the only word I can find to describe the new style of hair color debuted by Madonna’s daughter . The 16-year-old updated her 2013 lookbook, to… I guess the question has to be asked: What is the wild hue this young celeb selected? Well, Precious Reader, tell me! What? You think figuring that out is my job, not yours? Really? Okay, you’re probably right. Here goes!


Lourdes’s new hair color is a mixture of green and dark brunette. Imagine it… Let me give you more details. Her front locks are emerald-tinted, while the rest are dark brown and green. Yes, you could say that her hair is just dark with green streaks. Or green with dark streaks. No one would blame you; it’s not exactly easy to describe! Should we be surprised that this child has chosen a unique color style? She showed off her newly dyed long hair while out and about in New York City with her boyfriend, Timothée Chalamet, on April 27. Stylisheves, please tell us: What do you think of the teen celeb’s new hue? Do you love it or loathe it?

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