Miley Cyrus New Hair Color 2013

Miley Cyrus New Hair Color 2013 1

We say it is blue, but she says, “It is definitely not”!! What a difficult situation, isn’t it? Of course, it is! So there is no better solution in front of us than telling you the whole story, then let you decide, right?! A few days ago, the rocking superstar Miley Cyrus was seen out and about in Los Angeles debuting a new hair color. Can you guess it?! Okay, okay, don’t get upset, I’m going to say it myself.

The “So Undercover” actress has ditched her gorgeous blonde tresses for so wild and edgy blue-tinged ones, or at least that’s how we see them… What do I mean? Just read the sentence written at the beginning of our topic and you are going to figure out what I mean. Exactly, our smart readers, Cyrus refused to call her new hair blue, and she has expressed that very well on her Twitter account by saying, “My hurrr ain’t blue. That s**ts PLATINUM,”

Now, tell us: Are Miley’s locks blue or platinum from your point of view?!! Actually, what a ridiculous question? Ladies, forget it and tell us another thing: Do you like or dislike the star’s new dye?! I, myself, think that it is going to be one of the most drastic makeovers in 2013..

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