Miley Cyrus Hairstyles

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The girl we all grew up with as Miley aka Hannah Montana, she had hairstyles that were kind of stable till she grew up, but during that time from young teen to a mature woman to have more of a demure look as she goes to any event, then she changed her look a bit, she even cut her hair in a bob to show her sexy wild part but always kept the layers for texture. She changes her base hair color while adding highlights & sometimes she adds hair extensions for extra length, she had the chocolate brown with a tint of dark blonde, dark brown base with sun-kissed highlights & low lights or caramel highlights, brunette color with tints of ginger blonde in it, reddish hair color, light brown & blonde with highlights. You’ll see her wearing her hair in different styles; pulled back into a bun with plenty of lift at the roots, hair styled sleek & pulled up into a high ponytail, long locks loosely woven into a ponytail braid tugged across the shoulder, two chunks of hair have been braided close to the head & pinned back or cascading curls pulled in a low ponytail.

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