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Pullover shirts are a great choice when the weather is neither hot nor cold. Pullover shirts are regular shirts that are all long sleeved. They are comfortable, easy to wear and will give you slight warmth from the little shivering breeze but also prevent you from feeling too hot. Pullover shirts are loved by all youth and men for the ease of wearing, durability and the great look they give. There are lots of different styles available that you can never feel bored with them. Pullover shirts can be worn on all types of clothes, and they are great under jackets or vests too. Pullover shirts are made from different materials but the most popular are cotton or polyester for the comfort they give, and are easily handled and washed. Pullover shirts can have chest pockets for storage of little things. Pullover shirts can have crew collars, high collars, quarter zip or two to four buttons to give space for the neck. Pullover shirts can also have hoods to give extra protection for the head especially in the rain.

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