Mens Hairstyles for Round Faces

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When it comes to fashion, you find that men are always in the search mood. Men are always searching for and tracking all the new trendy and popular things in the fashion and beauty worlds. As we all know that men has given great attention to their look especially their hair. Men have a lot of popular, simple and cool hairstyles.. So, any man can find himself in front of many options and he has to choose from them.. It’s bitty confusing, isn’t it??!!.. I think the first question he’ll ask himself, Based on what preferences should I choose my hairstyle??.. In general, men must choose his hairstyle based on his age, hair texture, haircut and the face shape.. The face shape is the most important factor in choosing any hairstyle as if you chose hairstyle that doesn’t suit your face shape, it may give you very bad, bad and bad look!!. Yeah, 3 bad words, as it’d really ruin the whole look of yours and no joking about something like that. So, what are the known face shapes?!.. There are many different facial shapes like; the oval, the square, the diamond, the heart shaped, the triangular and the round shapes.. Today, I’ll talk about one of the rarest face shapes which are the round faces shape.. That round faces  can be known by its fully cheeks and its soft round chin.. So, if you’ve such a face shape must focus on wearing those hairstyles that can add balance to the hair and also avoiding those hairstyles that adds volume to your hair.

Let’s say that you’ll be in front of two categories of hairstyles, if you’ve round face shape.. The first one contains those hairstyles that you must avoid and never wear them at all while the second one contains the preferable hairstyles for you.. Let’s start with the first category.. You must avoid wearing the curly short hairstyles with bangs and also the wavy hairstyles as those hairstyles shall add more volume to your hair and that’d make your cheeks look more chubby.. Another hairstyles to avoid are; the side-parting with the long hairstyles, it can suit you as it will add more area to your face and also will make it looks fuller than it’s already is!!. In general, you must avoid wearing any hairstyles that would add volume to your hair.. Since as you know adding volume to the hair always equals looking with very chubby face and it looks so ugly!!…. On the other hand, the second category contains those hairstyles that don’t add any sort of volume to your hair.. One of those “should-wear” hairstyles are the shaggy hairstyles.. Those shaggy hairstyles are one of the best round face hairstyles.. It also may suit you very well if you’re having thick hair beside that round face.

You can add layers to such a hairstyle but in certain way that would frame your face or by other meaning, show your face in its best look.. Those shaggy hairstyles are very trendy, easy and stylish hairstyles. The next suitable hairstyles for your round face are those Razor hairstyles.. Those hairstyles tend to cover your face with it’s side swept bangs and those bangs will make the required face framing to let your face appears in its best look… You can either wear the straight Razor hairstyles or the Shaggy bob razor hairstyles with some layers added.. Beside those two hairstyles, you can also wear the Caesar cut hairstyles, the medium layered hairstyles, the short layered hairstyles and Jagged cut bangs hairstyle.. So, as you can see that all of the hairstyles included in the second category are very chic, elegant and simple hairstyles.. Believe me, you can wear them any where; to your work or in any special occasions like the prom night or the wedding day… You’ll look in stunning and very glamorous way.

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