Memoire D’homme Perfume for Men by Nina Ricci

Introduce one of the best perfumes ever made for men, Memoire D’homme is a men’s perfume launched by Nina Ricci in 2002. Memoire D’homme has the classic style of Nina Ricci’s perfumes but with a modern touch. It has a grapefruit scent with a citrus touch. Memoire D’homme is considered as a very unique perfume having its own character beyond what you can ever expect. It has new combinations that will give you that special scent which will make you get addicted to it. Whenever you have the chance to get yourself a bottle of Memoire D’homme perfume, never waste this opportunity because it might not come again. And trust me; you will never regret having it. Memoire D’homme combines the top notes of Top Notes of Grapefruit, Liquorice leaf, the Middle Notes of Bengali ginger, Frosted nutmeg, and the Base Notes of Citron wood, Blue cedarwood, Vetiver sap, Opoline. Memoire D’homme is also available as a deodorant to keep you clean and fresh all the time.

Memoire Dhomme perfume for Men by Nina Ricci 1

Memoire Dhomme perfume for Men by Nina Ricci 2

Memoire Dhomme perfume for Men by Nina Ricci 3

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