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Dusty Miller

6 Dazzling Add-ons To Your Wedding Bouquet

While creating your wedding bouquet you have to follow your instincts as there is no wrong way to create a bouquet. It is your day and a glorious bouquet is simply the cherry on top. Bouquets can range from elegant, trendy, contemporary, colorful, or asymmetrical and still look perfect. Because we want your wedding day to […] More

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How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Who does not dream of thick, healthy and voluminous hair? Of course, we all do! Although some of us are born with light hair, that does not mean it is impossible to get the bouncy full look. There are several tricks where you can make your hair look thicker than it really is! 1) Backcombing […] More

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This is What Happens When You Leave Your Kids Alone For 5 Minutes

When you are a parent, silence is a double-edged weapon. It could mean that your kids are either sleeping or doing something naughty. But when the silence appears suddenly, you start to smell something fishy. Because being a parent is surely the hardest job in the world, we got you some examples of what can happen […] More

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62170007400 cannes 2017 aishwarya rai bachchan looks stunning she walks red carpet

Best Looks From Cannes Film Festival 2017

The 70th annual Cannes Film Festival took place from the 17th  to the 28th of May 2017 in Cannes, France. The festival surely holds the record for the most flabbergasting divas walking the red carpet wearing jaw-dropping couture. Festivals come and go, but the trend surely lasts forever. Here are some of the looks that […] More

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Untitled 1

All The Looks at The 2017 Billboard Music Awards

This year, the Billboard Music Awards ceremony was held on May, 21st in Las Vegas. Celebrities were definitely rocking the red carpet starting from Celine Dion’s breath-taking and angelic dress all the way to Cher’s 2 dazzling performances. The 71-year-old star performed her hit song Believe wearing flabbergasting outfits. The ceremony witnessed endless ideas of […] More

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Grace Loves lace

Extraordinary Lace Wedding Dresses That Will Blow Your Mind

Because every girl deserves to have her dream wedding dress, we got you a collection of lace wedding dresses that will definitely blow your mind. These dresses are handmade by Grace Loves Lace. They specialize in unique, free-spirited and timelessly sophisticated luxe wedding dresses handmade from only the finest French & European lace and silks. Although […] More

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Celeb kids 24

12 Hollywood Parents With Kids That Look Like A Smaller Version Of Them

There is nothing better than seeing your DNA being passed on to the next generation. For the love of perfect DNA, we got you a collection of celebrities’ kids that look like a smaller version of their parents. Adele’s son, Angelo James Konecki, looks a lot like his mother. They both share that beautiful shade of […] More

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Celebrity Short Hair Trends for 2017

Celebrity Short Hair Trends for 2017

The shorter the hair the harder they stare and that was definitely proven in 2017. Lately, a huge number of celebrities have chopped their hair into a shorter style and we are totally in love with their fierce new looks. If you were thinking about going short, now is the perfect time. Here are some celebrities that rocked […] More

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mother and daughter matching dresses 6 1

22 Mother-Daughter Matching Dresses

It is known that taking an image is freezing a moment to reveal how rich reality truly is. So guess who truly knows how to portray these moments to make the most perfect and exquisite memories? It’s the Lebanese photographer Said Mhamad. He genuinely knows how to make each of his photographs speak. His work […] More

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How to turn 1 skirt into 30 outfits

How to Turn 1 Skirt Into 30 Outfits

Spankie Valentine is a very talented blogger and Youtuber. She has a passion for music, film-making, beauty but most importantly, fashion! The young fashionista posted a video on her YouTube channel where she uses 1 maxi skirt to create 30 different looks! What can we say, we are totally in love with each and every […] More

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