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Finland mesmerizing forests will have you amazed 19

41 Pictures Of Finland’s Mesmerizing Forests Will Have You Amazed

When you think of Finland, a major Scandinavian country sandwiched between Sweden and Russia, what comes to mind? Lots of trees and forests, never-ending snow and over a month in winter when the sun never rises, and darkness lasts for 24 hours a day. Perhaps you think of the freezing cold and can’t picture anything […] More

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funny lazy horse play dead jingang coverimage

Dramatic Horse Pretends To Be Dead Whenever People Try To Ride Him

When most people climb onto a horse, their immediate fear is that the horse may gallop off, leaving them hanging on for dear life. Never, in your wildest dreams would you expect a horse to collapse underneath you and pretend to die, but then you haven’t met a horse called Jingang, from Mexico. Jingang is […] More

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belarus cat with crossed eyes 2

Meet Belarus, The Adorable Cross-eyed Cat

The internet has gone crazy for yet another adorable furry creature – this time it’s Belarus, a cross-eyed cat that its new owner, Rachel, found at the San Francisco Animal Care and Control Center in the USA. How could you not fall in love with such an adorable looking cat, even if you can’t be […] More

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hand drawn map envelope no address iceland 1

Man desperate to send letter draws map because he doesn’t have the address – amazingly it gets delivered!

What are the chances of a letter being delivered if you draw a simple map of where the intended recipient lives, rather than their full postal address? Now imagine what the chances would be in a remote part of the Scandinavian island of Iceland. Well, despite there seeming to be very little chance of success, […] More

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