Megan Fox New Hair Color 2013

Megan Fox New Hair Color 2013

Ladies, would you do yourselves a very big favor?! Yup, yourselves! Yes or no?! I guess many of you are going to say yes; then let me explain how you would do so. First, search our magazine for the topic titled “Megan Fox Hairstyles”, open it and take a deep last look at this superstar’s long brunette hair locks, then come back here.. Huh! Why did I say last look?! Simply because…… No, no, Fox hasn’t shaved her head at all…. Relieved?! Okay, very well!

What was I saying above? Yeah! I was saying: simply because you’re definitely going to miss them. Missing ‘them’ means?!! Beauties, I think that its meaning is very obvious. Got it?! Exactly! Megan has traded those gorgeous brunette locks for eye-catching coppery red ones. Why has she gone for that oh-so-hot hair color?! The 26-year-old star has gone for it because of her role in the “Ninja Turtles” film where she would play the redheaded April O’Neil. Regardless of the reason behind this drastic makeover, don’t you agree with me that it’s definitely one of 2013’s biggest beauty moments?! Tell us your opinions in the comment below!


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