Master Suite Bedroom of HGTV Dream Home 2013

Master Suite Bedroom of HGTV Dream Home 2013

When talking about any home – especially when it’s one of those totally awesome HGTV Dream Homes – the master bedroom is one of the places that everyone dies to know how it has been designed, for they are totally sure it’ll be perfect and will give the feeling of ultimate relaxation. Concerning HGTV Dream Home 2013, the master suite bedroom in fact is just what you think!! Ultimate comfort and relaxation plus a totally dreamy-like atmosphere is most certainly present. This post will show you how this master suite bedroom has been designed while showing you every little detail to get all the inspiration that you need. This master bedroom has been inspired by the sea and the sand. Imagine this whole beach-like atmosphere that will keep you relaxed and fresh! Browns and beiges are the colors used in this bedroom, which makes it peaceful and tranquil!! Wood is the main material used so that the bedroom would look luxurious. Now concerning the bed, a canopy bed is used with sleek lines and no canopy curtains for a modern, minimalist look, and the headboard is totally simple and is made out of planks to complete the minimalism.

Everything you dream of having in a master bedroom is found in this room. You’ll find an amazing small workplace to complete whatever work you need to finish, a comfortable reading nook that includes a comfortable, beautiful chair and a floor lamp, a flat screen to enjoy watching your favorite movie or program, a deck to spend some time outdoors for some fresh air while drinking tea or coffee, and even a walk-in closet to store your clothes in a neat organized way. Isn’t that totally perfect?!! Another great thing about this room is the rich details and fabrics used, like those totally rich pillow sheets for example. We totally love that whole master suite bedroom, what about you?!


















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