Master Bedrooms

Having a beautiful cozy home is really important, but the most important room in it to be cozy is certainly the master bedroom. Master bedrooms feel like your own nest where you can relax, have relief, be comfortable, and feel safe. That’s why you should make your master bedroom the way you really like so that you can enjoy it all while adding what you need without diminishing the decorative side. These master bedrooms offered in this collection are definitely cozy and hold a very high decorative taste that is presented in the beautiful designs and the great matching between colors. Since the bed is the first thing to catch the eyes, it should be furnished beautifully showing nice colors and amazing bedding. Almost all beds presented here come in colored beddings with many pillows to reflect a colorful lively touch to the room, and this is done in case of plain walls that come in colors like white and beige. While if you have colored wallpaper for example, then go for plain beddings or those with simple touches to balance the look.

Canopies are seen in these beds to give that charming luxurious look, and they mostly come in plain calm colors like white or beige on wooden or metal frames. Many beds are built with metal or wooden frames but no canopy curtains are added to make the look less simpler especially in case of furniture that has lots of details. However if you really want a simple room that has no details or touches at all, you can go for white walls and white furniture sets along white plain white bedding where the bed comes with a canopy that also has a white curtain, this room is really delicate and is timeless. Whereas if you want a pop room and you are a person who loves colors, then go for a colored room and the color is absolutely up to you. Don’t be afraid to add a crazy color like purple, orange, green, blue, or yellow, because it all depends on how you add this color and manage it in the room. When you see the pictures you’ll understand the idea better and they will shoe you how to add a crazy color all while having a great design.

You can add this color in the curtains, bedding, and rugs for example like this room with these purple pieces that totally transformed the look of the room, or you can go for a colored wall while keeping the rest of the room in light colors with just some simple touches that match with this wall colors. Black is also great in furnishing rooms, black furniture is definitely loved and adds a really chic and bold style to the room, you can also go for a black wall in the room besides another light color for a great style. Add nightstands, side tables, chest of drawers, mirrors, portraits, a small table and chairs as long as the space can allow this and be careful with the colors. Lamps, curtains, rugs, and plants have a huge impact on the room and work really well in completing the design with a decorative style. Chandeliers also look perfect in these bedrooms and you can choose its style and size according to the space and style of the room. You can also make the design of the headboard and the curtains the same to give a special sophisticated look.

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