Mascaras by Rimmel London

Its an eye defining collection for sparkling magic that shines through your eyes, the Rimmel collection of mascaras is unique in its originality as they designed all the techniques that helps boosting your eyes & lashes in different ways to please you at all times & in all occasions so you’d always be extra sexy. Here’s Rimmel Londons’ Mascaras collection; Glam’eyes Mascara & Glam’eyes Waterproof mascara both have Volumflex brush for volume & instant separation. Sexy Curves & Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascaras both have lash plumping, full curve mascara, Triple Plump brush Enriched with proteins to strengthen lashes over time for a continuous lash boosting effect. As for the Extra Super Lash Curved Brush Mascara its Lash building mascara with a curved brush, for building layer upon layer with no clumps & no stickiness. As for Volume Flash the Max Bold Curves mascara, it gives you Instant full volume that will take your lashes to their curviest yet. The Glam’Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara is feather-soft lash lifting mascara with VolumFlex Brush for perfect lash definition. The Extra Super Lash & Extra Super Lash Waterproof Mascaras both are lash building mascaras. New from Rimmel the Lash Accelerator Mascara which is both a mascara & lash treatment in one that works both instantly & overtime, with a Grow-Lash Complex that strengthens, nourishes & renews lashes to promote natural lash growth for up to 117% times longer after 30 days. Glam’Eyes Day 2 Night & Day 2 Night Waterproof Mascaras both creates two dramatically different lash looks with just one brush. The secret is in the magic double caps as the Top Cap is for Length & the Bottom Cap is for Volume. Volume Flash the MAX & Volume Flash the MAX Waterproof mascaras with ‘Lash Expand’ formula with Collagen to fatten & Keratin to strengthen. 1-2-3 Looks Mascara is adjustable Volume mascara you turn to 1: up to 3x more volume, for chic day-time volume, Turn to 2: up to 5x more volume, for more voluptuous volume turn to 3: up to 10x more volume, for dramatic volume. Volume Flash x 10 Mascara & Volume Flash x 10 Extreme Black gives you Up to 10 times the volume in a flash. Volume Flash x 10 Curved Brush is the Next generation ‘Quick-Bond’ lash inflating formula with unique gel texture. The newest Rimmel revolutionary edition is the Scandal’eyes mascara, has 3x the collagen for plumper, sculpted lashes, 3x the keratin for strong & healthy lashes & 3x the attitude to guarantee scandalous behavior. 100% Waterproof Mascara is a 100% guaranteed waterproof mascara that provide lashes with a natural long-lasting coverage & it’s fast drying with a waterproof & run resistant finish. You’ll find all of them vary in colors availability, but Rimmel offers you; Black, brown black, intense black, Electric Blue, jet black or ultra black.

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