Marvelous Media Rooms

Though it is not commonly found in most of the houses, a media room is fantastic and luxurious experience that everyone should have. A media room, for those who don’t know it, is a home cinema where you adjust all settings in order to have an environment similar to that of a theater; imagine having your very own private cinema at your house. We present you here marvelous media rooms with different designs to see what best suits your house. The most important thing about a media room is to make it comfortable, clear, and simple. Put your screen in a place that makes it easily seen by all spots of the room, and place your seating sofas or chairs as you want. Some people mount the screen on the wall and add two sofas behind each other to make the room really look like a theatre, but this option can be done if the room is long enough to accept adding two sofas behind each other.

If the room is not long but wide enough, you can add a living set that includes three sofas, for example, taking a U shape and then mount the screen on the opposite wall. Choose comfortable and cozy furniture; get plush sofas and chairs to keep you comfortable all while sitting. Don’t make distractions in the room, and especially the area surrounding the screen because you want to focus on the screen, so be simple as possible and you can also make this room suitable as a living room when you don’t need the screen. You can also make two rows of chairs if you are having your friends or family to watch a movie together, for example. Now for one of the most important factors; lighting. Adjust the lighting of your media room according to your preference, you can make intense lighting that makes the room strongly lighted, or you can have some lighting spots for a low, romantic lighting ambiance that gives you real atmosphere of the cinema.

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