Marion Cotillard New Haircut 2013

Marion Cotillard New Haircut 2013

Séduisant and charmant!! Just a couple of French words to describe the new hairstyle debuted recently by the gorgeous French actress Marion Cotillard. By the way, these words mean seductive and charming. What is this new do and where has it been revealed? These are the questions that we’re about to answer right now. Concerning the first one, you need to know that the “Rust and Bone” starlet has tended to cope with the latest trends by debuting an asymmetrical bob haircut which isn’t less than stylish, spectacular and sexy. Yes, ladies, she’s back to the bobbed hair!! I guess that many of you, including me, are happy to see her doing so, aren’t you?!

On the other hand, concerning the second question – where? – I have to tell you that Marion revealed her new haircut on the red carpet of the SAG Awards 2013. Exactly, our precious readers, she’s done exactly the same as Nicole Kidman. What? You don’t know what Kidman has done? Okay, okay, don’t panic, you can simply search for a topic titled “Nicole Kidman New Haircut 2013” on our magazine and read it. Whatever!! I think that you’ve known all the important details behind Cotillard’s new hairdo, right? And this means that there’s nothing left other than your opinion, dear lady. So don’t hesitate and tell us: Do you love or loathe this asymmetrical bobbed hair?!




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