Marion Cotillard New Hair for 2013

Marion Cotillard New Hair for 2013 1

2 in 1!! Nope, dear readers, this isn’t a commercial for anything, it is just a simple and brief description of the hair makeover recently shown off by the stunning French actress Marion Cotillard at the Rust & Bone premiere in Tokyo a few days ago. Yup, she has updated her 2013’s lookbook again! Who saw this coming? Nobody! Okay… I guess that many of you have figured out that she’s done two things to her tresses, right? So what are they? Oops, sorry, you are the ones who should ask me this question. Hence, let me start answering it!

Do you still remember the asymmetrical bob haircut that Cotillard revealed on the red carpet of this year’s SAG awards? If you don’t remember, take a look at this topic “Marion Cotillard New Haircut 2013” and refresh your memory. Are you done? Okay. You have to know that this lovely asymmetrical bob cut has been recently turned into, into…. What? A pixie? No, my precious fans, not a pixie, it has been turned into a symmetrical bob cut instead. Yup, the star’s locks haven’t gone anywhere from being bobbed and this is a great thing, don’t you think so?!

This was the first part of Marion’s makeover. Can you guess the second one? Let me give you a clue: A new Dye or New Bangs? Huh, ladies, think about it. Exactly, the “Contagion” starlet has gone for new short and sort of sharp blunt bangs that look awesome on her… Actually, I must admit that I love the whole transformation. What about you, dear readers? What do you think of it? Sound off in the comments!!

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