Marc Jacobs Spring/Resort 2013 Shoes for Women

Marc Jacobs Shoes for Women 2013 05


A legend in design, Marc Jacobs has continued to create wonderful apparel. The Paris based, American, award winning designer is legendary for his styles. Catering to all genders, styles and ages, Marc Jacobs has managed to expand his franchise into over seventy-five countries. In explaining his style and motivation for design, Marc Jacobs once said “What I prefer is that even if someone feels hedonistic, they don’t look it. Curiosity about sex is much more interesting to me than domination. … My clothes are not hot. Never. Never” As Strange as that may sound; it has helped him create designs suitable for all walks of life.


His new spring/resort 2013 collection of women’s shoes has a wide array of styles that caters to every woman. Ranging from heeled shoes to flat soled shoes, this new collection of women’s shoes is colorful and daring. The theme of this new collection seems to be fun, with a little whimsy thrown in. The shapes of the shoes are pre 21st century and cover every style imaginable. Don’t think archaic however, think stylish and trendsetting. The playful colored flats are offset by stilettos that scream chic. If what you really seek is a pair of shoes that will grab everyone’s attention but are comfortable while doing just that, Marc Jacobs has designed one just for you.












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