Mango Umbrellas for Women

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For every rainy day, you need a savior & Mango wanted to be your savior in the rainy days by providing you with a collection of chic & stylish umbrellas that will compliment & show your sense of style instead of ruining it, this way winter can be fashionable in all of its accessories. These waterproof umbrellas are made 100% of polyester with a round handle & matching cases to go with the design you choose, you’ll also find them strong & durable through all the windy weathers which makes them perfect for protection from rain.
Mango umbrellas are distinguished for their stylish designs like; graphic brand logo print, stripes, animal prints, polka dot prints, ethnic prints or floral prints, & these prints have cool popping colors that suit every style like black, red, pink, green, beige & a lot of other colors.

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