Mango Hosiery for Women

Elegance is on its way to you, to cover your feet with stylish wear with a highly delicate & chic collection from Mango that you’ll wear with pride & confidence with your outfits & their designs give you the freedom to mix & match with your clothes, accessorize your outfits & give them the extra zest for more of an outstanding look. For giving you everything you need, you’ll find Mango hosieries come in different fabrics, cool bright colors & styles so you’d have the variety of casual & formal wear, this way if you need to wear your favorite dress or skirt to any part or just to work you’ll have the perfect leg wear that suits you with Mango. Perfection for winter & summer wear, Mango you’ll have a collection for your shorts, jeans, skirts or dresses with; Knee-high knitted socks with colored edges, Animal print stockings, Stockings with a shiny thread, crochet lace stockings, Stockings with lurex, Over the knee socks & Knit ankle socks with contrasting trims.

Mango Hosiery 01

Mango Hosiery 02

Mango Hosiery 03

Mango Hosiery 04

Mango Hosiery 05

Mango Hosiery 06

Mango Hosiery 07

Mango Hosiery 08

Mango Hosiery 09

Mango Hosiery 10

Mango Hosiery 11

Mango Hosiery 12

Mango Hosiery 13

Mango Hosiery 14

Mango Hosiery 15

Mango Hosiery 16

Mango Hosiery 17

Mango Hosiery 18

Mango Hosiery 19

Mango Hosiery 20

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